The Catonian

We all grow up with mythologies. For my sister and me, Catonia was a small, but independent, land that represented agrarian values, justice, and peace–somewhat like the Shire in Tolkien’s opus, with which we were not yet familiar. It still represents for me what is right in the world, and the values that I want to promote through this blog.

George MacDonald

This nineteenth-century Scottish author is more relevant today than ever before because of his revolutionary theological insights. Follow the blog for provocative thoughts about how his ideas can change the way we look at the world.

Math and Meaning

It is my fundamental conviction that all of reality reflects God’s thoughts. Explore with me how the beautiful patterns that are the mathematician’s playground invite us to hear him speaking.

The Poetry of Every Day

Teaching math in a public school is often a decidedly unpoetical venture. It is often poetry, however, that anchors my soul and inspires me to forge ahead. On these pages I’ll share some of the poems that have made the biggest difference for me, and some of my own as well.