Redefining Christianity

Introduction If Christianity is to be viable in the twenty-first century, it will need to be reformed to a degree perhaps even more sweeping than the Protestant Reformation five hundred years ago. The reason for this is that in those five hundred years, the development of the conscience of humanity has outpaced the development of… Continue reading Redefining Christianity

First, Do no Harm

“First, do no harm,” or, “Above all, do no harm,” while not actually a part of the Hippocratic Oath, as I (and, apparently, many other people) had assumed, is still a well-known and often-quoted medical principle. It could equally well serve as a pedagogical principle: I am thinking of putting it up in my classroom,… Continue reading First, Do no Harm

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Learning to Think Unbiblically

I remain passionately in love with the Trinitarian God, while becoming more and more convinced that Christian thinking stunts human development. “Christian thinking” is not the best or clearest term, but I haven’t yet found a better one. In one sense, all my thinking is Christian thinking, in that I am soaked in the Christian… Continue reading Learning to Think Unbiblically

Summer Writing Season Begins!

The 2021-2022 school year is now officially over for me, and with my first day of summer vacation comes a great deal of excitement at the prospect of being able to write again. I’m especially looking forward to getting back into my exploration of the intersection between Kierkegaard’s treatment of the problem of existence as… Continue reading Summer Writing Season Begins!