Organization of “The Riddle of Self in Lilith”

Now that the rough draft of “Preliminary Notes on the Riddle of Self in Lilith” is complete, the task of revision begins! As a first step, today I created a detailed outline of its content to help me make decisions about its large scale structure. I’ve decided on four major sections, or chapters, as shown below.

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The riddle of self confronts Mr. Vane.
  • Chapter 2: Vane’s evasion–cowardice and bad faith.
  • Chapter 3: Returning where we are–death answers the riddle of self.
  • Chapter 4: Is the riddle always soluble? Lilith as the extreme case.
  • Conclusion

I’m not sure yet of the timetable to complete the revision. I’m hoping to complete it before school starts, while not neglecting my duty to prepare for the school year. Above all, I have to heed the lesson of Lilith and focus on being over accomplishment. It’s going to be a fun ride!

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